Customs clearance

We offer customs clearance services that requires not only professional and responsible care, but also a sound experience in problem solving of various complexities.  When arranging customs clearance on behalf of importers/exporters and customs authorities, neutrality is our basic principle.  We can issue customs declaration, collect and provide the customs authorities with all the necessary information and documentation, as well as performing the calculation and crediting of the customs duties.

Customs NO
Customs SE
Customs DK
Customs FI

Conditions of carriage

Warehousing & Terminals

  • We have our own neutral warehouses located in several ports.
  • We have access to both ISPS port and a neutral container port as a gateway to Europe and the world.
  • Container vessels call weekly to and from Hamburg, Bremerhaven, Rotterdam and Antwerp.
  • The routes are operated by feeder operators and global carriers.


Our skilled team provide efficient and high-quality container services that meets all your transportation needs.  We transport containers across the Nordic, providing road-based solutions to global shipping lines, freight forwarders and cargo owners. By prioritising time-conscious performance, we can move containers via all Nordic ports in a seamless and cost-effective manner.